Billeting of Troops WW1

By Brian Lawes

Early in the War billeting troops was a contentious issue in Hastings. In a survey of rate payers it showed that of the replies received, only 2,024 ratepayers were in favour of the billeting of troops, six against, and six were neutral. Continue reading Billeting of Troops WW1

50 Years The Royal Visit

By Jim Hollands

Fifty years seems a long time but looking back to 1965 from 2015 it seems not so long at all.

“Rye’s Own” was started with the intention that it should report and support Rye. There can be no doubt that it has always done that, although in those early days Rye Borough Council was running the town’s affairs in a very efficient and effective way and the magazine did not find itself at the forefront of political confrontation as it does in this modern age. Continue reading 50 Years The Royal Visit

Arthurs Mayors


by Arthur Woodgate

Now I come to a Rye Mayor who was very much ‘one of us’. Alf Horner inherited a general shop in the middle of Kings Street, Landgate. It sold groceries, green groceries, newspapers and all sorts of odd and ends. Alf and his wife Flo ran the business for many years. Continue reading Arthurs Mayors

Rye Mayors 1913 – 2010


Part Two

By Arthur Woodgate

There is a strong belief that all Rye Mayors have been members of the council but this is not true. They must be chosen by Rye Council from Rye ratepayers and, of course, the chosen person must agree to take the position. Continue reading Rye Mayors 1913 – 2010

All Our Yesterdays

Who were the driving forces in the town forty years ago? Who were in power at Rye Town Hall in 1965? What was it like to live in a democratic Rye that ran its own affairs and was responsible for its own planning? 1965 and ’66 were great years for Rye. Continue reading All Our Yesterdays