50 Years The Royal Visit

By Jim Hollands

Fifty years seems a long time but looking back to 1965 from 2015 it seems not so long at all.

“Rye’s Own” was started with the intention that it should report and support Rye. There can be no doubt that it has always done that, although in those early days Rye Borough Council was running the town’s affairs in a very efficient and effective way and the magazine did not find itself at the forefront of political confrontation as it does in this modern age. Continue reading 50 Years The Royal Visit

Rye British Legion Club 1966 Prize Presentation 1966

Mayoress presents the Prizes

The Mayor and Mayoress, Alderman and Mrs. W. J. Hacking, were the guests of the Rye British Legion Club on the occasion of the club’s 1966 Prize Presentation held at their Headquarters in Eagle Road, The Mayoress, speaking to the many members and friends present for this important event, spoke of the pleasure it gave her to attend and present the many trophies and prizes, “This is the first opportunity I have had of visiting your club and I would like to say how very impressed I am with the comforts which you have achieved. When I look around and see how nice it all is, it is no surprise to learn that your membership is as high Continue reading Rye British Legion Club 1966 Prize Presentation 1966

A Golden Day

A Golden Day

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hyder of 15 Eagle Road, Rye, celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 1st March.

Ernest & Mrs Hyder


They spent the day receiving relatives and opening cards and presents, among which was a fine jug which was presented to them by the members of the ‘Over 65 Club.’ Continue reading A Golden Day

Rye Lad in Royal Tournament

Rye Lad in Royal Tournament

The Royal Tournament this year will be of great interest to a well known Rye family. Mr. & Mrs. E.  Polhill of 8 Eagle Road have just cause to be proud of their only son Graham, who has been selected to run for the Portsmouth Command Field Gun Crew at this unique event. Continue reading Rye Lad in Royal Tournament