All Our Yesterdays

Who were the driving forces in the town forty years ago? Who were in power at Rye Town Hall in 1965? What was it like to live in a democratic Rye that ran its own affairs and was responsible for its own planning? 1965 and ’66 were great years for Rye. Continue reading All Our Yesterdays

“Triples” Competition won by Peasmarsh Squad

The Mermaid sponsored “Triples” Bowls competition held at Rye on Sat 31 July was won by Peasmarsh Bowls Club. Husband and wife couple Alf and Wendy Boorman together with Pete Maylam made up the team. They played their three games without losing a match. Their high aggregate of shots won ensured a fine result over Hollington B.C. and Westfield B. C. who were second and third respectively. Continue reading “Triples” Competition won by Peasmarsh Squad

John Smith Town Clerk of Rye

John Smith

It was with great sadness that we learned of the recent death of John Smith. John was Town Clerk of Rye at the time “Rye’s Own” was running in the sixties and early seventies. He was a fine Town Clerk and a true Ryer. Continue reading John Smith Town Clerk of Rye