Days Before the EU and Health & Safety

To All of Us Born Between 1925 – 1970

That’s Before the Common Market, European Union, Health & Safety and Litigation

No matter what our kids And the new generation think about us, we are Special People. Our very lives are living proof of what we have survived and how we enjoyed it all. Continue reading Days Before the EU and Health & Safety


By Tony May

As ‘The Clean Up Man’ I have now been ‘patrolling’ the streets of Hollington for well over a year and the amount of cans, bottles, crisp bags, cigarette packets, fag butts and other items I have personally picked up and ‘escorted’ to a public waste bin must now run into thousands. Continue reading Rubbish

Bonfire Magic

Its that time of year again. The Bonfire Boys Flag flies over The Landgate and preparations are being made for the annual invasion of the streets of Rye by pirates, witches, Kings and Queens, skeletons, wenches, Cavaliers and Roundheads. The Bonfire Societies are almost exclusively from East Sussex and have a history that goes back even before the fateful night that Guy Fawkes and his cronies attempted to blow up Parliament. Continue reading Bonfire Magic

Sneaky Rother are at it Again

Rye Cemetery

In the name of ‘Health & Safety’ they have now torn down the Chapel in Rye Cemetery that was damaged by fire and are turning it into a ‘Historic Ruin’

Many readers have written and phoned us in absolute dismay at the way the Chapel has been ‘ruined’. Here is one example. Continue reading Sneaky Rother are at it Again

Pen & Ink December 2008

Dear Editor.

In your October issue Rye’s Own you ran a feature entitled have Health & Safety Regulations gone too far? May I suggest it’s not the regulations at fault but the job’s worth’s who interpret them. These examples are from a company safety magazine. Continue reading Pen & Ink December 2008