Rye’s Own’s Christmas Special


Have a Wonderful Christmas

2015 has been a tough year but there have been many events in Rye that we can celebrate.

The Maritime Festival was one of the best ever and the Rye Arts Festival was another roaring Success.

The Christmas Festival was an amazing spectacle that surpassed the dreams of Continue reading Rye’s Own’s Christmas Special

Rye’s Great Annual Events That Still Draw The Crowds

There has been a lot of talk recently on reviving many of the old annual events staged in Rye but which, over the years, have fallen by the wayside.

Rye Sports Day, Rye Medieval Festival, Miss Rye, The Raft Race and Rye in Bloom to name just a few. It is hoped the meeting on Wednesday 9 February will be the start of getting at least two of these old classics back on the Rye Programme. Continue reading Rye’s Great Annual Events That Still Draw The Crowds

Christmas in Rye

What a marvellous programme Roger Crouch, the event co-ordinator, has put on for the 2011 Rye Christmas Festival.It all kicks off at 10am. on Friday 2 December with a Rye Country Market at the Community specifically targeting items for Christmas.

Continue reading Christmas in Rye

Glenn Miller Orchestra in Rye

Swing Fans Pack Peacock Hall

The Peacocke Hall at the Rye College was full to the very last seat for the appearance of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, part of the Rye Christmas Festival, on Saturday 13 December. Tickets were sold out within days of going on sale, the seats could possibly have been filled three times over. Continue reading Glenn Miller Orchestra in Rye

Pen & Ink December 2008

Dear Editor.

In your October issue Rye’s Own you ran a feature entitled have Health & Safety Regulations gone too far? May I suggest it’s not the regulations at fault but the job’s worth’s who interpret them. These examples are from a company safety magazine. Continue reading Pen & Ink December 2008

Demelza House Gets Christmas Bonus

It was an evening of quiet celebration at the Thomas Peacocke College on Wednesday 13 February when the proceeds of the Christmas Festival, £1264, was presented, along with £500 from the College and £500 from Rye Lions, to Demelza House. Continue reading Demelza House Gets Christmas Bonus