Pen & Ink

Hello Editor,

Dick Bryant here. Yes! I’m still about. We came over to Rye most Sundays to go up the ‘Top of the Hill’ for a meal. It’s had to be good for us to travel over from Hastings. When you went in you knew it would be good because you always saw the same faces each week and they all spoke. Continue reading Pen & Ink

Clifton Memories

By Sally Duffy

My dad, Aubrey Leadbetter has been regaling “Rye’s Own” for a few years now with stories of his life in Rye. I always buy “Rye’s Own” to read what he’s written and your other regular writers, Jimper and Arthur, but reading your July issue, something caught my eye ‘The Dick Bryant Comunique’. I wasn’t just reading about somebody else’s past, it was part of my past too. Continue reading Clifton Memories

Pen & Ink December 2008

Dear Editor.

In your October issue Rye’s Own you ran a feature entitled have Health & Safety Regulations gone too far? May I suggest it’s not the regulations at fault but the job’s worth’s who interpret them. These examples are from a company safety magazine. Continue reading Pen & Ink December 2008