Rye’s Own’s Christmas Special


Have a Wonderful Christmas

2015 has been a tough year but there have been many events in Rye that we can celebrate.

The Maritime Festival was one of the best ever and the Rye Arts Festival was another roaring Success.

The Christmas Festival was an amazing spectacle that surpassed the dreams of even the most optimistic Ryer. It was a wonderful event, enjoyed by thousands. Good to see the small traders smiling again

Christmas in Rye

This great event has proved what a great bunch of people live in this great town.

This special picture, created more than ten years ago by the late Connie Lindqvist, captures the spirit of Old Rye which was revived 100% by the amazing people that put on this year’s outstanding Christmas Event

Winston Churchill once said “Give us the tools and we will finish the job”

We say “Give us back our independence and let us run our own affairs”.

2016 shows great local promise. All at Cinque Ports Magazines wish you all you wish yourselves in the coming year.


Our Mascot “Albert” Wishes You all the Best for 2016

This film demonstrates what a great bunch of students we have at Rye College. This particular performance is my favourite musical clip from 2015

Bernard Clark’s Christmas Message to Readers

Here we are again friends,another Christmas. I’m sitting here in a daze,watching my wife happily buzzing around,like Barry Newtons geese,who like me cant believe they have survived another Christmas! Now I’m getting my orders for the day,last minute shopping, can you believe, she’s been Christmas shopping since August!! I think Scrooge if he were alive today,would need more than three ghost to make him change his mind!! Still I’ve still got the best part still to come watching the kids ripping open 2/3 presents at the same time,and sitting in a sea of wrapping paper,without a clue as to who gave them what! and then watching them have more fun with the empty boxes and paper.Its a funny old world (and expensive) but if your like my wife,and loves Christmas then I don’t mind you,like her calling me a old miser. Now to get to the point of all this,I can’t afford Christmas cards, so I’m would like to wish all my friends and readers of “Rye’s Own” a nice day, and a happy new year.

A Selection of pictures of events in 2015 for you to enjoy

“Rye’s Own” Christmas Bulletin  Christmas Eve 2015

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