Rye’s Great Annual Events That Still Draw The Crowds

There has been a lot of talk recently on reviving many of the old annual events staged in Rye but which, over the years, have fallen by the wayside.

Rye Sports Day, Rye Medieval Festival, Miss Rye, The Raft Race and Rye in Bloom to name just a few. It is hoped the meeting on Wednesday 9 February will be the start of getting at least two of these old classics back on the Rye Programme. Continue reading Rye’s Great Annual Events That Still Draw The Crowds


Easter comes early this year and, if the weather is kind, Rye traders could get the shot in the arm they so badly need after the hard times they have endured throughout the tough winter weather and financial blizzards that have been blowing through the High Street. Continue reading Editorial

Scallop or Scollop

         Scallop or Scollop from ‘Little by Little’

So Rye has just celebrated its third Scallop Festival? It’s what? I hear you say. Yes that’s right, a Scallop Festival. Now forgive me please for I am just a humble Sussex man, born and bread. All my life, and in my ignorance, I have always known them to be called the SCOLLOP in this locality as I thought most local people did. Continue reading Scallop or Scollop