Easter comes early this year and, if the weather is kind, Rye traders could get the shot in the arm they so badly need after the hard times they have endured throughout the tough winter weather and financial blizzards that have been blowing through the High Street. Continue reading Editorial

The Long Journey Part Two

The Long Journey

Part Two: Three Days in a Cattle Truck

Michael Whiteman’s graphic account of his days as a German Prisioner of War

We got to the top of the town to find lots of other lads had been brought there. And so started a slow trek, to where, we knew not. I remember going back through St. Omer that evening, being put into a field for the night. The next few days were very hot and we were all starting to suffer with nothing to drink or eat. I found myself picking dandelion leaves and sorrell to chew keeping my mouth more moist. My toes were getting sore and blistered. Luckily I had some Germolene ointment with me which helped no end. I remember one night four of us sat back in a field, the next morning when we woke we looked like snowmen with frost Continue reading The Long Journey Part Two

Down Rye Way

Ron Davies, a very popular character at Rye Auction Galleries, has had quite a past.

He was a Lance Sergeant in the 1st. Battalion of the Grenadier Guards and served the Regiment for 15 years. Continue reading Down Rye Way