The Long Journey Part Two

The Long Journey

Part Two: Three Days in a Cattle Truck

Michael Whiteman’s graphic account of his days as a German Prisioner of War

We got to the top of the town to find lots of other lads had been brought there. And so started a slow trek, to where, we knew not. I remember going back through St. Omer that evening, being put into a field for the night. The next few days were very hot and we were all starting to suffer with nothing to drink or eat. I found myself picking dandelion leaves and sorrell to chew keeping my mouth more moist. My toes were getting sore and blistered. Luckily I had some Germolene ointment with me which helped no end. I remember one night four of us sat back in a field, the next morning when we woke we looked like snowmen with frost Continue reading The Long Journey Part Two