Looking Back to 1940

Look out of your window and up at the sky. Imagine you have travelled back in time to 5 June 1940. The Dunkirk evacuation between the 24 May and 4 June was complete. Churchill later described the retreat as “A miracle of deliverance” Continue reading Looking Back to 1940

The Sara Colebrooke Saga

The Sara Colebrooke Saga

By Tony Bridgland

Browsing through your June 2004 issue whilst in the doctor’s waiting-room, I came across two separate articles which dovetailed together to be of particular interest to me. One was “The Amazing Story of a Rye Shipyard” and the other, by Arthur Woodgate, told how the coaster ‘Sara Colebrooke’ was launched at Rock Channel on the day that he was born. Continue reading The Sara Colebrooke Saga

Rye Festival Of Music And The Arts

This year Rye Festival starts with a bang!

By Pat Field

The first music on offer is the Ukulele Band of Great Britain. You may never think about music in the same way once you’ve been exposed to the Ukes’, depraved musicology, from Charlie Parker, to the Sex Pistols through J.S. Bach. Continue reading Rye Festival Of Music And The Arts

Town Crier

News and Gossip Pages

By Jim Hollands

Sitting In With G.R.I.P.P.

G.R.I.P.P (Give Rye it’s Proper Policing) invited me to sit in on their meeting at the beginning of the month.

Their reaction to the new initiative by the police to crack down on the local vandals was treated with some contempt in view of the new Gungarden damage and graffiti attacks on the Post Office and other areas in the town that had taken place since the promises were made by District Commander Chief Inspector Brian Mathews. Continue reading Town Crier