Greatest Military Show

The Greatest Military Show on Earth- and it is on our very Doorstep at Hythe.

This year the War & Peace Revival will be at it’s permanent site on the old Folkestone Racecourse (RAF Westernhanger during the War) and will be a five Continue reading Greatest Military Show

Herman Remote Controlled

By Maggie George (illustration, Mike Hall) Like many people, I find it so satisfying at the end of a hard day to be able to come in from the cold winter chill and settle in front of the television. I love to watch my favourite programmes which I’ve recorded and promised myself I’d catch up with at a later date. Continue reading Herman Remote Controlled

The Visit By Eric Streeton

As many of you know I have always had an interest in local and family history. I felt that the November magazine was the most appropriate time for me to produce this article.. Continue reading The Visit By Eric Streeton

The Lady Who Lived on the Hill

By Frank Palmer

The name Lady Maud Warrender crops up in Rye history during the earlier part of the 20th. century, known for her fine contralto voice, and much in demand to sing at local concerts; as well as her connections with the good and the great throughout the land. Continue reading The Lady Who Lived on the Hill

The Sara Colebrooke Saga

The Sara Colebrooke Saga

By Tony Bridgland

Browsing through your June 2004 issue whilst in the doctor’s waiting-room, I came across two separate articles which dovetailed together to be of particular interest to me. One was “The Amazing Story of a Rye Shipyard” and the other, by Arthur Woodgate, told how the coaster ‘Sara Colebrooke’ was launched at Rock Channel on the day that he was born. Continue reading The Sara Colebrooke Saga

Down Rye Way – Fred Jordan

Down Rye Way May 1970 Fred'Chippy' Jordan by Maureen Allen
Down Rye Way May 1970 Fred’Chippy’ Jordan by Maureen Allen

Frederick Stanley Jordan. known to nearly every inhabitant of Rye as Chippy is a Ryer in every sense of the word.  Continue reading Down Rye Way – Fred Jordan

Ernest Hatter

Down Rye Way   Ernest Hatter40 years with East Kent Born in Cinque Ports Square, Rye in 1900, Ernest Hatter, one of a family of nine children, was educated at Mermaid Street School. The cottage where he spent his childhood was one of many situated behind where the Continue reading Ernest Hatter