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Down Rye Way May 1970 Fred'Chippy' Jordan by Maureen Allen
Down Rye Way May 1970 Fred’Chippy’ Jordan by Maureen Allen

Frederick Stanley Jordan. known to nearly every inhabitant of Rye as Chippy is a Ryer in every sense of the word. 

He is outspoken and sincere in his support of this town and also has built into his character a genuine concern for his fellows that is so often found in Rye people. There are many good deeds done by Chippy’ that go unsung and unrecorded, save by those he has helped.  He has a soft spot for old folk and many senior citizens speak highly of him.

Frederick Jordan was born in Wish Street on 18th September. 1907. He was educated at Rye Board School and Playden School.


Like many others of his age group, he recalls seeing the great Silver Pencils of destruction the German Zeppelins in the sky over Rye during the First War.

He also remembers going with his schoolboy friends to see some small unexploded. bombs which had been dropped on the Chemical Works at Rye Harbour.

The young Fred Jordan became a keen athlete, joining the Rye Athletic Club in 1917 . He was very successful in sports winning numerous trophies and medals.

Fred Jordan in Teenage Days
Fred Jordan in Teenage Days

When he was fifteen he tried to save a boy from drowning, after seeing him drifting with the current towards the Sluice Gate near the Gasworks. Fred raced to the gates and climbed down ‘the ladder in an effort to reach the lad. The boy was swept out of his reach, under the gates and drowned. The Coroner praised Fred for his brave attempt.

On his sixteenth birthday Fred Jordan became one of the youngest lads ever to get a first eleven place in the Rye Town soccer team. This first match was against Dymchurch – He played many more matches for the Club over the years.

By this time Fred had settled down to an apprenticeship at Adams the Printers. Although he enjoyed the work and learned fast he was never really happy working indoors – he liked the open air – So after six years in the printing trade he gave it all up and became a milk rounds-man for Winters.

Mr. Jordan s next job was as an Assis­tant Surveyor on the Railway when the Hastings track system was altered and improved. This job lasted until 1932 then Fred took on a Labouring job at the Pipemakers Arms, Rye. when the well known Pub was renovated. During this period he moved to Iden.

In 1935 Fred Jordan became a butcher at Iden and also in this year he was married to a local girl, Edith Nash.

The Butcher's Van
The Butcher’s Van

Fred Jordan eventually took over the butchers business in his own right and his little Ford delivery Van became well known in the area.

He started an Athletic Club in Iden in 1935.

When War came ‘Chippy’ Jordan served with the National Fire Service. He remembers Rye at the time of the evacuation and recalls how quiet the town was, even though there were many troops about.

In 1942 he changed from butchery to transport. Fred purchased Mr. Frank Woods Carrier Business. This was to become his main life’s work, for he still runs it today.

The Ministry Of Food claimed Fred and he was on call at all times to transport supplies to anywhere they were needed.

Chippy joined the Army for 60 minutes, he was ‘enlisted’ to help with beaching a mine at Jury’s Gap and to do this he was required to sign papers.

Fred 'Chippy' Jordan
Fred ‘Chippy’ Jordan

After the war Chippy carried on in the Carrier Business and also became interested in local village affairs. He was a Councillor at Iden for thirteen years and Chairman of the Council for a period of two years.


From the May 1970 issue of “Rye’s Own”

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