The Sheriff of Cinque Ports Street

A Man with Immense Respect

Dan Bevan is the nearest thing to a Sheriff that Rye has ever had. For the past four years he has been patrolling the town getting on top of vandalism, petty offences and often being involved with more serious crimes.

Since those bad old days of 2001 and 2002, by which time Rye’s quota of police had slipped from 49 in 1966 to just six (none of whom were able to undertake Continue reading The Sheriff of Cinque Ports Street

Friary Centre

Fom Rye’s Own March 2006 Issue

Keith Glazier and Peter Jones support closure.

The two men who are best placed to look after the interests of people in Rye and District are at the forefront of proposals to close Rye Friary Day Care Centre at the Memorial Care Centre from this October. They should be ashamed of themselves. Continue reading Friary Centre

Town Crier – January 2006

By Jim Hollands


Wyn Remembers

I have recently spent a lot of time visiting Wyn Vincent in Rye Memorial Care Centre and reminiscences of old Ryers got our minds working back to those times, prewar for her and post war for me, when this town was so rich in real characters. Continue reading Town Crier – January 2006

Our Man Dan

” A Fine Example”

Dan Bevan, 29, was posted to Rye after qualifying as a PCSO in May 2004. He has done great work in the town. He has been partly responsible for the dramatic fall in the crime rate, especially vandalism, in Rye and was nominated for his hard work by Hastings and Rye MP Michael Foster.
Mr Foster said the Prime Minister told Mr Bevan he was a “fine example” and residents are lucky to have him.  Dan described the trip to Downing Street as a fantastic experience. “I was so proud to be nominated.”  Continue reading Our Man Dan

Wheelers Open Letter to Tony Blair

The Wheelers Letter to Mr. Blair

Dear Prime Minister

Members of the Rye & District Wheelers have decided that you should be informed of a terrible act of neglect by local government here in Rye.

A lad was knocked off his bike and killed in a most horrible way on a notorious 2 mile stretch of road that leads from Rye to the village of Rye Harbour, he was just 22 years old. Continue reading Wheelers Open Letter to Tony Blair