Rye Wheeler’s Christmas Lunch

Christmas Lunch at The Oak

30 members of the Rye & District Wheelers enjoyed an excellent Traditional Christmas Dinner at The Oak Rye Foreign on Sunday 18 December.

Dace & Sue planning rides for 2017
Dace & Sue planning rides for 2017

This short film is a record of another successful social event enjoyed by members Continue reading Rye Wheeler’s Christmas Lunch

The Sheriff of Cinque Ports Street

A Man with Immense Respect

Dan Bevan is the nearest thing to a Sheriff that Rye has ever had. For the past four years he has been patrolling the town getting on top of vandalism, petty offences and often being involved with more serious crimes.

Since those bad old days of 2001 and 2002, by which time Rye’s quota of police had slipped from 49 in 1966 to just six (none of whom were able to undertake Continue reading The Sheriff of Cinque Ports Street

Local Powers


A Far seeing Article written in March 2006.

By Peter Etherton.

Most people in Rye take only a passing interest in the Rye Town Council. The mayor of this once powerful body gets his picture in the local paper most weeks but never for anything political. At one recent election there were thirteen candidates and twelve got in making me wonder what provisions were made for the thirteenth. He was clearly a good and honourable man who had much to offer the town. I would have co-opted him for something. Continue reading Local Powers

Teen & Twenty – Andrew Vincett

Andrew Vincett

This month’s Personality is 17 year old Andrew Vincett who is well known and well liked in Rye. Born in Rye Foreign in January 1956 Andrew has lived in and around Rye all his life. He went to Peasmarsh Primary, Rye Primary and Thomas Peacocke School and is at the moment studying for his A levels. Continue reading Teen & Twenty – Andrew Vincett