The Two Ronnies and Rye

The sad death recently of Ronnie Barker of the Two Ronnies and many other popular television comedy shows prompted Frank Palmer to bring in a copy of “Historic Rye” with both Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett’s signatures.

The publication was released in 1970 and belonged to Frank’s father. “He must have had it in his hand at the time he bumped into the comedy couple strolling around Rye” he said.

What were they doing in Rye together? Perhaps they were looking for a set for one of their skits, it seems unlikely they would be in Rye for anything except business as they were both family people and spent their leisure time with them.

Can any reader cast light on what they were up to. Did they do any filming around the town?

The 1970 "Rye's Own" publication signed by the Two Ronnies
The 1970 “Rye’s Own” publication signed by the
Two Ronnies

Ronnie Barker is gone now leaving us all the poorer, but it is good to know we can still watch his genious in programmes that will be repeated again and again.

From “Rye’s Own “ November 2005

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