Bonfire Magic

It’s that time of year again. The Bonfire Boys Flag flies over The Landgate and preparations are being made for the annual invasion of the streets of Rye by pirates, witches, Kings and Queens, skeletons, wenches, Cavaliers and Roundheads. Continue reading Bonfire Magic

Meryon of Rye – Killed in The Alps

Meryon of Rye Killed in The Alps

By Frank Palmer

Just inside the North Door of Rye Church attached to the wall are a number of brass plaques, memorials to members of the Meryon family who are buried elsewhere.

One of these is to the memory of Lewis Kennard Meryon who was killed in a mountaineering accident; it states that Meryon was a scholar of Pembroke Continue reading Meryon of Rye – Killed in The Alps

Rex & Rita Celebrate 50 Years

Rye’s popular Town Crier, Rex Swain and his lovely wife Rita, celebrated 50 years of happy marriage at the Mermaid on Saturday 1 October. Surrounded by family and friends they recalled their Wedding Day in 1955 and of dancing to Eric Winston’s Band on their honeymoon. Continue reading Rex & Rita Celebrate 50 Years

Historical Odds & Ends

When Rye Councillors had the Power

Spelling taken from original manuscripts

1549- Ordered that none of the inhabitants of Rye, young or old should issue out of the town with drums and flags or otherwise, to enter the woods of any man, without his special licence, to gather or cut down any boughs, on pain of imprisonment for three days and three nights. Continue reading Historical Odds & Ends

The Man From the Pru

I grew up knowing Archibald Trill as The Man From The Pru. When I met him recently at his Marley Road address and learned he was 95 I was more than surprised, he looked almost exactly as I remembered him way back in the sixties. Continue reading The Man From the Pru