Come on Sonia


“Come on Sonia” was a cry often heard on the Military Road during the past year as one of our senior Tuesday riders struggled to keep up a brisk pace required to get someone home to Rye before they got into trouble with their other half. Sonia always survived the effort and was back on the road the following Tuesday for more ‘pain and gain’. Now she is fit and strong and with her racing bike is able to give some of the others a run for their money.

The group, who’s runs are designed to cater for the weakest rider on the day, has been able on some Tuesdays to get in as many as 38 miles. On the other hand if the weather is not so favourable or there were new riders out the distance was often only 15 or so miles.


As many as ten riders have¬†out on a Tuesday afternoon and the regular average was six. There have been guest riders from other countries, including the beautiful So’s (pronounced Zeus) from Holland. The youngest rider was Lucy Bryant aged 10 who came along with her Lucy Bryant and astounded everyone with her speed, stamina and enthusiasm. Lucy is already competing in mini triathlons and is looking forward to 2007 when she will be old enough to compete in Road Time Trials. Her aim is to beat her mum who has recorded a 35-48 for a “10”.

There are more and more Rye Wheelers club colours appearing on Tuesdays, not all that wear them are racing members.

From the 2005 Wheelers Year Book

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