The Politics of Wind Farming

By Peter Etherden

Slicing up flocks of Canadian geese as they wing their way across Romney Marsh is one way to keep bird flu at bay. But this underestimates avian intelligence. Migrating birds only fly along the English shipping lanes because the French peasants are gunning for them on the other side of the channel. Birds are quick learners which is more than can be said for the human species. Continue reading The Politics of Wind Farming

Cycling the Rye Harbour Tramway

by Peter Etherden

Despite the assurances in the October 2005 issue of Rye’s Own that all was well in this best of all possible (Bexhill and Lewes administered) worlds, permit me to express my continued scepticism that a cycle path will be constructed between Rye and Rye Harbour by the end of March 2006 or indeed in any foreseeable future. Continue reading Cycling the Rye Harbour Tramway

Town Crier

News And Gossip Pages

By Jim Hollands

Great Job Rye Harbour Boat Owners Association put on a grand show to commemorate the 200th. Anniversary of Horatio Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar.

The Strand was awash with red white and blue flags that decorated every boat moored. The weather was kind, the crowds were happy and everything came together to make it a family day out.

Lets have something like this every year, Rye is an historic port and needs to keep a close contact with its past if it is to prosper in the future. Perhaps the event could incorporate a regatta with all sorts of boat races on the river as happened throughout the latter part of the 19th Century up to Edwardian times. An event that embraces those that live in the town. It may be that the event could ‘spill’ over onto terra firma and include athletic, even cycle races again. There seem to be many more folk about with the will and ability to organise than there have been for many years.

      Connie Lindqvist Retrospective

Peter Etherden has asked Heidi Foster to take on the daunting task of putting together an exhibition that captures the enormous range of Connie’s work as an artist in Rye between 1972 and 2002. Continue reading Town Crier

Pen & Ink

Dear Editor,

I wonder if anyone could kindly help me to find out what happened to the Craft Club founded in April 1991 possibly at Rye Golf Club. Founded members included Major General Duke, Rear Admiral Robertson and Air Vice Marshal Seabrook  The one time Hon. Treasurer T. Mc Millan, would like information. Continue reading Pen & Ink

The Return of The Wicked Magpie


The third book in the Magpie Sagas series by local children’s author Berni Fiddimore (pictured right) was launched to critical acclaim on Saturday 6th December by local publisher Academic Inn Books at the Stan Rosenthal Gallery in Rye followed by a book signing afternoon at Martello Books. Continue reading The Return of The Wicked Magpie