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Dear Editor,

I wonder if anyone could kindly help me to find out what happened to the Craft Club founded in April 1991 possibly at Rye Golf Club. Founded members included Major General Duke, Rear Admiral Robertson and Air Vice Marshal Seabrook  The one time Hon. Treasurer T. Mc Millan, would like information.

W E Drew

This cryptic e-mail message was forwarded on to “Rye’s Own”. by the Town Manager. I hope I have deciphered it correctly. Perhaps readers could help. Ed.

Dear Editor,

Readers might be interested to know that they can now find a Five Day Weather Forecast for Rye on the website for South East Marine Surveys, a Rye based firm that does surveys for boat owners, brokers and insurance companies and is listed in the Good Yacht Guide as the recommended marine surveyor for Kent and Sussex.Tabula2

A search on the internet with Google for ‘South East Marine Surveys’ or ‘Marine Bureau’ will bring up a one click link to the Rye weather page which can also be accessed directly and listed in ‘Favourites’ as: http:/ html

The weather forecasting on the South East Marine Surveys website is particularly useful because it adopts the format used by the BBC Shipping Forecasts (as illustrated) and provides details of wind strength and direction as well as barometric pressure. For sailors this is all the information they need to know to make sound decisions.

It may also be of interest for readers to know that South East Marine Surveys is run by John Pierce, who is also a member of the Institute of Marine Surveyors but is probably better known to Ryers as the friendly neighbourhood car park attendant at Budgens. Multi-tasking is something men do too.

Peter Etherden                                                            Rye

Dear Editor,

As a sales rep. I am regularly in Rye and over the years have fallen under its spell. I spend many a Sunday here with my family, even in wintertime, enjoying the special relaxing quality so often lost in today’s hectic world.

I have noticed a gradual build up of heavy traffic skirting the town. I do think this must soon be addressed with a new bypass road or the town will begin to deteriorate. The places most affected are The Strand, South Under Cliffe and Fishmarket Road on the south side and Wish Street, Ferry Road and Udimore Road on the East. Rye Hill and Deadmans Lane, where we used to walk frequently, are also far too busy for a town of Rye’s size and character. Do the powers that be realise they are spoiling one of the best towns in England by not relieving this sorry situation?

Ron Kirby                                    Eastbourne

From “Rye’s Own” July 2004

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