Shell Shock for Auctioneer

A live WW2 cannon shell, powerful enough to penetrate 1″ thick metal, was discovered in an old urn at Rye Auction Galleries.

Auctioneer Kevin Wall called in the police arms officer who removed the potentially lethal round in a special container.

The urns came from a senior citizen who had no idea the ammunition was contained inside. It was probably a souvenir brought back from the war by an airman, put inside the urn and forgotten about. The urns had probably changed hands at least once in the past 50 years.

Live ammunition, especially if it has been around for some time, can become unstable and explode. It should always be reported and dealt with safely by the Arms Officer.

                        Ryesingers on the Internet

With the aid of modern technology and the help of Peter Etherden, a number from the Ryesingers first CD can be heard, at any time, on the World Wide Net.

Just go to and select John Paul II and download the file (time taken will depend on download speed) and then enjoy Ryesingers performing.

                      Your Comments Wanted

At a recent meeting of the Democracy for Rye group it was decided that the time is right to ask the people of Rye for their feelings and comments on the preposed main aim of the group, which is to restore full Borough status to Rye.

With this in mind a P.O. Box Number is to be obtained and will be publicised in the local press as soon as it is issued.

“Rye’s Own” July 2005

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