The Poppy fields of Rye

                      The Field of Battle

We have all heard of Flanders Fields, where poppies bloomed across the battlefields and were said by soldiers of that terrible war to represent the blood of the thousands that fell there, but what of the poppy fields of Rye? Continue reading The Poppy fields of Rye

Rye’s Royal Visitors

There have been comparatively few royal visitors to Rye when the importance of the town in the middle ages is taken into account. Continue reading Rye’s Royal Visitors

The Battle of Rye Bay

The English fleet lay at anchor in the lagoon that stretched from the foot of the hill on which New Winchelsea is built to the cliffs of Rye. The forty or so Cinque Ports built ships were a hive of activity, preparations for battle were well under way. Word had come that a great force of Spanish ships were passing along the Kent coast having come from Sluys in Belgium where they had loaded their ships with many men and materials with which to effect raids on England. Continue reading The Battle of Rye Bay