Scallop Queen 2015

Rye Bay Scallop Queen 2015!

Announcing the Rye Bay Scallop Week Queen 2015! Yasmine Clemson was delighted to be selected as Scallop Queen at the events opening night at the Ypres Castle Inn. Yasmine also celebrates her birthday during Rye Bay Scallop Week so there will be double celebrations ahead! Continue reading Scallop Queen 2015

The Calamitous Storm of 1891


On 11th November 1891 a powerful storm raged along the Kent / Sussex coast, wreaking havoc on Hythe, Rye and Hastings. Continue reading The Calamitous Storm of 1891

Fishing in Rye Bay


By The Reluctant Mate

This is a true account of 8 months as a mate on a Rye Bay trawler, it happened quite by accident when I was made redundant about 12 years ago. My skipper had just lost his boat when it was de- commissioned and he was looking to purchase a small boat he could possibly work single handed. Continue reading Fishing in Rye Bay

The Battle of Rye Bay

The English fleet lay at anchor in the lagoon that stretched from the foot of the hill on which New Winchelsea is built to the cliffs of Rye. The forty or so Cinque Ports built ships were a hive of activity, preparations for battle were well under way. Word had come that a great force of Spanish ships were passing along the Kent coast having come from Sluys in Belgium where they had loaded their ships with many men and materials with which to effect raids on England. Continue reading The Battle of Rye Bay

Aground in the Bay

Aground in the Bay

Old photographs by kind permission of Mr. B. Jones

The sea has been a magnet to man since the first recorded history of the world, it first provided food and then presented a challenge. The challenge was accepted, first by the Vikings from Scandinavia then by the English and Spaniards, and Continue reading Aground in the Bay