The Flooding Situation

From Rye’s Own April 2010

By Jim Hollands

The water has gone but the message is clear, serious flooding in Rye is not a probability any more, it’s almost a certainty. Continue reading The Flooding Situation

Dredging Strand Quay

Dredging Strand Quay

by Peter Etherden

This is a cautionary tale and I have cut corners in the telling. Rye’s trawler fleet has been decimated by the European Union over the past few decades and although a new Fishing Quay is finally under construction the part played by the Rye Fishmarket Project in the whole story has been written out of this shortened account which focuses on our failure to dredge Rye’s Strand Quay…something which has been done every few years since time immemorial. Continue reading Dredging Strand Quay