Rye Fights Back

Protest Rally at Postern Gate

Critics of Rye Town Council members had better beware. That is the message coming from many Councillors. They are fed up with being ruled by Rother District, East Sussex and other bodies such as the Primary Care Trust.

Now they have found a weapon that can be successful against the powerful bodies they need to challenge. “Public Opinion” still has a say, and on Sunday 4 April it will be demonstrated when the PROTEST RALLY, organised by Councillor John Izod, meets at the Postern Gate Surgery to object to the re-siting of the practice at the top of Rye Hill.

The obvious site for the new surgery is the old Ferry Road School site which is owned by the County Council. Rye Councillors have suggested that County have blocked planning here because there is a “hidden agenda” for the area. They (Rye Councillors) claim that after the intervention of Rye M.P. Michael Foster, the ban on building on a flood area was lifted but another obstacle, “access”, was swiftly placed in the way.

Protest Rally
Protest Rally

The Protest Rally and March to Deadman’s Lane will demonstrate the depth of feeling among the people of Rye and the County Council will ignore it at their peril.

Posters are appearing in windows all over town announcing that the Rally will commence at noon. After short speeches the Bonfire Drummers will lead the March to Deadman’s Lane where there will be a photocall.

Marchers are requested to bring their own signs. There will be a prize for the best placard. Any queries about the Rally should be made to John Izod on 223781.

Fighting Words

Councillor John Breeds has also come out fighting. In a letter published in Rye Observer he writes “We (Rye Town Council) have been accused of ‘injecting more heat than rational discussion’ and being ‘perennial complainers’ by two directors of Rye Health and Care Ltd., and of ‘grandstanding from the sidelines’ by our illustriousRother District Council,

Well, I am rather pleased if we have made sufficient impact to rouse the ‘powers that be’ to retaliate in print.

After all, the PCT, East Sussex County Council, Rye Health and Care Ltd., and the GPs are the people with the real power, not the people of Rye.

Sadly for Rye people, bodies such as these (not to mention Rother District Council!) have made all the real decisions about what happens to us since Rye ceased to be a Borough in April 1974.

We had managed perfectly well since 1289 – a mere 685 years”.

Fighting words, and the people of Rye will no doubt underline their disbelief in the lack of understanding by officials and decision makers who do not live in or understand the needs of this town and it’s inhabitants when they turn out for the Protest Rally on Sunday.

Disappointing Response from Rye Councillors to Operation Unite

Three Rye Councillors attended the meeting arranged by the police at Brede Village Hall on Thursday 25 March which launched ‘Operation Unite’. “The aim of this effort is to make the Rother district Bexhill, Battle, Rye and the surrounding villages “a hostile environment for criminals.”

The Mayor of Rye Councillor Paul Carey, Councillor Frank Palmer and Councillor Peter Dyce were all of the general opinion that the meeting was the same as many before, offering plenty of words but promising little action. Let readers judge for themselves. These were some of the main points from the circular that was sent out before the meeting.

“A battery of new crime-fighting ideas, as well as high-profile policing, are being brought in to make the area an even safer place to live. The key to success will be a community army with everybody working together to reduce crime.

Rother District Commander Rob Carden said: “We want everyone to join us in making life harder for criminals and those who commit anti-social behaviour. We want them to know they will receive an ice-cold reception in Rother.”

“Operation Unite will make Rother, particularly the rural areas, a hostile environment for criminals,” he said. “There are a variety of ideas and initiatives, some old and some new, which will be used to make the Rother district an even safer place to live.

“Operation Unite is an opportunity to promote effective community action involving local police, local agencies, Rother District Council, parish councils and a variety of community resources. By linking resources we will achieve the maximum benefit and hit the criminals hardest.”

Inspector Max Mosley has been dedicated to co-ordinate the partnership operation for about six months and will be based at Battle police station. visibility policing and crime prevention methods.

From the April 2004 issue of “Rye’s Own”

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