The Bells of St. Marys

Rye Mayor and Mayoress meet Mr. Speaker

The Mayor and Mayoress of Rye met Mr. Speaker, on a recent visit to the Houses of Parliament


by Ann Hamilton Would you like to be sure that the producers of raw materials and products from the developing world receive a fair wage for their labour, a fair price for their products and have reasonable working conditions-including permission to join Trade Unions? Continue reading The Bells of St. Marys

The Home Front

by Jo’ Vincent.

Volunteers of The Rye Museum Association put on a magnificent display
of memoirs of World War Two on Saturday 9 March at the Further Education
Centre. Patrons were required to have a National Registration Identity
Card which was duly filled out with the help of an assistant dressed
in the fashion of the time, complete with her headscarf tied in “turban”
style at the door. Continue reading The Home Front