Rye Characters of the Present Number Two – Gary Booth

Gary Booth – Builder, Cyclist, Organizer

Even though Gary Booth is no longer a member of Rye Wheelers it cannot be denied  that the amazing success that the club enjoys today is  mainly due to his efforts during the years 2,000 – 2,010.

Gary was the ‘Ideas man’ who came up with not just the schemes, but the Continue reading Rye Characters of the Present Number Two – Gary Booth

The Mayor’s Last Bulletin


This last few weeks have been as busy as ever with engagements in and around the Town, Lyn and I have been on the “Chain Train” this was organised by the Mayor of Tenterden and included lunch on the Kent and East Sussex steam train, many Mayors were present and for many, me included, one of the last engagements that will take place this civic year. There was a surprise, one of the chaps on the footplate operating the steam train was my old form Tutor Mr. Atkins! Continue reading The Mayor’s Last Bulletin

When Rye St John had Three Ambulances




When Rye St John Had Three Vehicles

By Arthur Woodgate

The picture below is of the three ambulances that Rye St John were using to serve Rye & District prior to the State run service that started in the 1950’s. Continue reading When Rye St John had Three Ambulances

The “Sprocket” Page

Stories and Adventures of the Rye & District Wheelers Past and Present

The Wheelers have retained only one of their original prewar trophies, the others were lost in the period 1950-54. That is why the 25 Mile Championship Shield is so highly coveted by the Club and is so fiercely fought over each year. Continue reading The “Sprocket” Page

Jimper’s Book Selling Like Hot Cakes


They are used to selling ‘hot cakes’ at Jempson’s Superstore, in fact 71,000 hot cross buns have been cooked and sold in the weeks up to Easter, but Jimper’s book “Jimper’s Journal” from his diaries of the fifties and sixties was going almost as fast. Continue reading Jimper’s Book Selling Like Hot Cakes

The End is in Sight

Almost £30,000 Raised Towards New Ambulance

When the then Mayor of Rye, Peter Dyce, set a target of £42,000 to be raised to get the Rye St. John a new ambulance it seemed as though the task would be nigh impossible. Ryers, however, often do the impossible and the total raised now nears the £30,000 mark. No grants, no government money just hard won cash, raised by any number of ingenious fund raising schemes including an Auction of Promise, Fetes, Street Collection, Rummage Sales, Coffee Mornings and many Continue reading The End is in Sight

Jimper April 2003

The Spring Month

April a real spring month, one quarter of the way through the year. Summer has got a grip on winter. Snow can be expected any day in April. Lambing is under way on the Marsh although the farmers with sheltered sheep have lambed indoors and the lambs are rapidly growing for the early market. If April is warm we can expect our first swarm of bees in the latter weeks. The bees have come through winter well this year., their numbers have been swelling every day since January. Continue reading Jimper April 2003