The Tenterden 5 Mile

On a windy but mild day in February, there was a record entry for the Tenterden 5 Mile Race (previously called the Isle of Oxney Hot Soup 5 mile dash) A rolling rural, almost traffic free, route along the quiet lanes around the pretty Kent village of Wittersham, near Tenterden was well organised, friendly and the marshals and St John Ambulance were cheerful and supportive. Continue reading The Tenterden 5 Mile

Between the Zeppelin and the Doodle Bug

 By Arthur Woodgate

On 16 October 1917, I was taken to the Lion Street School and settled in a class taught by a Miss Jordon. Miss Longley was the Headmistress and with a long wooden corridor she could be heard coming with loud creaks all over our infant school. Continue reading Between the Zeppelin and the Doodle Bug

Thanks For Our Ambulance


by Julie Bettley

The ambulance is a Renault Crusader MPV (multi purpose vehicle) designed exclusively for St John Ambulance and converted by volunteers at ATT Papworth, Cambridge. Continue reading Thanks For Our Ambulance

Jimper April 2003

The Spring Month

April a real spring month, one quarter of the way through the year. Summer has got a grip on winter. Snow can be expected any day in April. Lambing is under way on the Marsh although the farmers with sheltered sheep have lambed indoors and the lambs are rapidly growing for the early market. If April is warm we can expect our first swarm of bees in the latter weeks. The bees have come through winter well this year., their numbers have been swelling every day since January. Continue reading Jimper April 2003

A Letter from Bedfordshire

By R. M. Sheridan (Rona Wall)

Events which took place in our household in October were not conducive to letter writing. A well known cable company sent a couple of juniors to re-route their previous installation and managed to drill into our water storage tank! Geoff and myself being nimble of foot and quick of thought managed to stop most of the sixty gallons pouring into our lounge. I wonder why some young people will not listen to advice. Continue reading A Letter from Bedfordshire

Rye Top 30 of the 20th. Century


Number 3. Alfred Horner

Rye has been very fortunate over the years to produce a variety of fine people who have contributed to the success of this ancient town but in all its history Rye never had a finer champion than Alfred Horner.

Alfred Horner was born in Landgate in 1904 and attended Miss Selman’s private school and later the Mermaid Street School. Soon after leaving school he went to work at Mr. Schofield’s Grocery Store. Continue reading Rye Top 30 of the 20th. Century