Robert Vincent – A True Ryer


No man is more deserving of the title ‘True Ryer’ than Robert Vincent, who died at the Conquest Hospital on Saturday 13 October 2012.

Robert was know to almost every soul who lives in the town. His own particular brand of humour seem to make everyone smile.

He was born in Rye, went to school in Rye, played football for Rye, worked in Rye and lived in Rye for his entire lifetime. The eulogy, read at Robert’s funeral by son Continue reading Robert Vincent – A True Ryer

Pen & Ink Feb 2007

Dear Editor,

The recent article by Rex Swain featuring the life and death of Tony Cager prompted me to search out a photo of the Rye Boys Club gym section, taken in the Mermaid Street School Headquarters, probably in the very early 1960’s. Continue reading Pen & Ink Feb 2007

David Britt’s Scrapbook

These photographs from the 1950’s will be of special interest to those in them. Are you one of them?

Those Identified In no particular order.

Colin Coppard, The Dobbie Girls, Robert Vincent, Dave Wall, Alan Smith,
Michael Craffer, Harold Boreham, Veronica Vincent, Les Bourne, Hazel
Davies, Donald Williams, Les Ashenden, Evelyn Brown, Peter Hedger,
Sheila Gladwish, Kevin Barry, Harry Milham, ‘Nobby’ Fuggle, Wendy
Yeardy, Jean Booth, Eileen Cannon, Anne Jones, Rita Bath, George Taylor,
David Britt, Peter Barry, Chris Edwards, Sue Jones, Mervyn David,Peter
Fuggle, Vera Care, George Taylor, Margaret O’Brian, Burrington Whiddap,
Tilly Robbins, Colin Ralph, Sue Sharp and Jim Hollands Snr. Continue reading David Britt’s Scrapbook

A Letter from Bedfordshire

By R. M. Sheridan (Rona Wall)

Events which took place in our household in October were not conducive to letter writing. A well known cable company sent a couple of juniors to re-route their previous installation and managed to drill into our water storage tank! Geoff and myself being nimble of foot and quick of thought managed to stop most of the sixty gallons pouring into our lounge. I wonder why some young people will not listen to advice. Continue reading A Letter from Bedfordshire

From February 2001

In Living Memory
A Vignette of Local Interest
by Clifford Jordan

Members of the Gymnasium Team of the Rye Boys Club, Mermaid Street, seen giving a display in the grounds of the Rye Grammar School in the 1960’s. The instructors were Bob Vincent and Reg Sherwood in the picture, and Brian Booth. Continue reading From February 2001