From February 2001

In Living Memory
A Vignette of Local Interest
by Clifford Jordan

Members of the Gymnasium Team of the Rye Boys Club, Mermaid Street, seen giving a display in the grounds of the Rye Grammar School in the 1960’s. The instructors were Bob Vincent and Reg Sherwood in the picture, and Brian Booth.Copy of Bob Vincent on the Parellel Bars

The Gym section was reformed in the 1950’s by ‘Chippy’ Jordan with the support of Mr. Eric Hodgson.

Copy of Police Cartoon by 'Broon'

The cartoon on the left and the Christmas 2000 Copy of Police Christmas cardcard from the Sussex Police were posted into our letterbox anonymously. The card bears the inscription Working to keep Sussex safe The Sussex Police Way

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, As a very occasional cyclist, with the years advancing, I felt agreement with parts of Gary Booth’s letter in the January issue criticizing the Rye to camber cycle path. However, I decided to do something about it, and tracked down the area representative of ‘Sustress’ the “Charity dedicated to building the National Cycle Network”. I received a very full reply to my letter of criticisms, from which the following facts emerge. 1. I’d assumed the path surface from the Camber road crossing to Camber itself was unfinished, but it “is finished…..of a rural surface of limestone dust….standard…..across the country……cost and appearance being reasons for its use….”. However, from this, a different surface is being investigated! 2. Lack of information about the path, and maintenance of it, were all acknowledged as matters needing attention. 3. Development of the old natural pathway from the Camber Road crossing to Monkbretton Bridge is in the hands of East Sussex County Council – legal problems are delaying matters. 4. Work should start soon on the path west out of Rye, from Gibbet’s Marsh Car Park onto the Cadborough Cliff bridleway, but a route through the town has to fit in with the “County Council’s overall transport plan for the local area”. Mark Strong, Sussex Area Manager for Sustress, suggests that we write to our County and District Councillors asking about cycle routes in our area. As Gary Booth wrote on behalf of the Rye & District Wheelers, I am surprised that club didn’t follow my line of thought and make contact with the body trying to create cycle paths! They certainly responded excellently to my enquiry and criticisms – also, they need a Path Ranger to watch and advise on this local area. How about the Wheelers offering their support in taking on this role? Alan Bolden Military Road.

Our Gem

Who is that young lady seen in the Rye’s Own Shop on Saturdays? The question has been asked many times in the last few weeks – so we thought we would get her to tell you herself. Gemma by Gemma. I have been with “Rye’s Own” for several months now and enjoyed every minute of the time. I have sort of grown up in Rye because my grandparents have lived here for 26 years. I have to say it is a lovely town and I never get tired of working here. I know quite a few people in Rye through both of my jobs here, some of you might know me better from working at Rye Auction Galleries. I have a lot of memories of Rye, some good and some funny. One of these is when I was small travelling from Chatham (where I still live today) with my Mum, Dad and Sister to come and see my Grandparents with all their animals, including ducks, geese, dogs, cats and a tortoise. I really loved it, they have still got many of these pets today, some have passed away but they are not forgotten. Rye feels like a second home to me, the people are friendly and the town is beautiful (when they are not doing roadworks in nearly every street). It is awful travelling into Rye at the moment, for me and all the other commuters into and out of the town. I am glad they are doing the nasty piece of road at East Guildeford because there have been many accidents, some people have even been killed. While this road has been closed I have used the Appledore Road into Rye but now they have told me the bridge at Iden Lock is to be repaired and the work will take 22 weeks. Then I shall have to go via Camber which is a much longer route or through the country. When I get to Rye itself the Landgate is closed till further notice and part of the High Street as well, South Under Cliff is like a bomb site, it is complete chaos but I am sure it will be over soon. Oh dear! I am starting to sound a bit like Jimper and there is only room for one Jimper in “Rye’s Own”. Thank you for reading my first article and for sending in so many titbits of news, views, gossip, photographs and so many more things to do with Rye. Please keep them coming, “Rye’s Own” needs your continued help and support. Send us the ammunition and we shall endeavour to improve month on month and produce a publication worthy of this famous town and its wonderful people.


Bonfires and Carnivals of the 50’s and 60’s

Copy of Bonfire TableauJanet Piper, ‘Tilly’ Robbins, Margery Odell, Ann Cotteral Billy and Chris Waters

Copy of Carnival

Miss Odell, Miss Bourne, and Miss Milton to name just a few.

Guides Without Uniforms!

Rye Trefoil Guild meet at Rye playgroup, Ferry Road on the 2nd Wednesday in each month at 7:15pm, New members are very welcome. The Trefoil Guild is a non uniformed section of the Girl Guide Association. It offers companionship and opportunity to try different activities with like minded people and the chance to be of use to others with service and fund raising and having plain old fashioned fun together. Membership age is 18 – 100+ and most Guilds have older and retired members as well as younger active ones. If you wish to join, a welcome is assured and you need not have been in guiding before. Contacts: Miss S Archer 01797 224288 Mrs. H Howard 01797 224932


Gripp will definitely be carrying on the campaign in 2001 for an effective police presence in the town, particularly after dark and at weekends. They will not be side tracked by CCTV and will be keeping up the pressure in line with the overwhelming public opinion that supports a greater police presence in Rye. Of those supporting CCTV in GRIPP’s November survey 80% did so because of the lack of police in the town. This view was also confirmed by the Rye Partnership CCTV survey, which had asked no questions on preference between policing and CCTV. However, on publishing results they declared to use their influence to make serious representations “To push for a greater police presence in line with public opinion”. A point of concern to many is that if CCTV is installed and once the initial rush is proving it a success is over (by providing a good police response) the Rye police station will close. It is important the public voice their fears and objection to such action before plans advance to such a situation. February 7th presents an opportunity for the people of Rye to endorse their support for a police presence in Rye when the Sussex Police Authority consultative group meeting takes place at Rye Town Hall. Open to the public, the group reports back to the Sussex Police Authority which has the responsibility to maintain an efficient and effective police service in Sussex. BE THERE AT 7:30PM AND INFLUENCE THE WAY RYE IS POLICED IN THE FUTURE – YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO A SAY!

Ryes Youngest Snooker Star

Seven year old snooker star Liam Harper played superbly to reach the last eight of an under 14 competition at The Willie Thorne Club in Leicester. The Rye youngster missed out on a semi final place when he lost to the eventual winner Peterborough’s Matt Pert. At another competition at the Bexley Heath Snooker Club. He hit a break of 38 in the deciding frame but went out to James Eadie of London who also went on to win the event. Liam, who is sponsored by The Rye Riverside Club is due to appear on television in a series about snooker this Summer. Liam is now practising hard for the coming season

“Rye’s Own” February 2001

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