David Britt’s Scrapbook

These photographs from the 1950’s will be of special interest to those in them. Are you one of them?

Those Identified In no particular order.

Colin Coppard, The Dobbie Girls, Robert Vincent, Dave Wall, Alan Smith,
Michael Craffer, Harold Boreham, Veronica Vincent, Les Bourne, Hazel
Davies, Donald Williams, Les Ashenden, Evelyn Brown, Peter Hedger,
Sheila Gladwish, Kevin Barry, Harry Milham, ‘Nobby’ Fuggle, Wendy
Yeardy, Jean Booth, Eileen Cannon, Anne Jones, Rita Bath, George Taylor,
David Britt, Peter Barry, Chris Edwards, Sue Jones, Mervyn David,Peter
Fuggle, Vera Care, George Taylor, Margaret O’Brian, Burrington Whiddap,
Tilly Robbins, Colin Ralph, Sue Sharp and Jim Hollands Snr. Continue reading David Britt’s Scrapbook

Found in Cinque Ports Street August 2000

Found in Cinque Ports Street

These Two photographs, along with another two, were found in Cinque Ports Street on Saturday 18 August. The top one seems to show a tableaux from a Rye Bonfire Night procession but I cannot identify anyone in it. The bottom picture is a different story, it is packed with Rye personalities attending a Bonfire Society Continue reading Found in Cinque Ports Street August 2000