Connections – Arthur’s Thank You

By Arthur Woodgate

These little tributes to the old Rye families with members or connections with staff members of The Rye Memorial Care Centre are intended to be, through “Rye’s Own”, a tribute to all those who work in the centre and are looking after me as a patient here.


A man named David Benn moved into Rye about the time that Tilling Green was opened. I’m sure I’m right when I say at the far end of Marley Road right on a Continue reading Connections

Found in Cinque Ports Street August 2000

Found in Cinque Ports Street

These Two photographs, along with another two, were found in Cinque Ports Street on Saturday 18 August. The top one seems to show a tableaux from a Rye Bonfire Night procession but I cannot identify anyone in it. The bottom picture is a different story, it is packed with Rye personalities attending a Bonfire Society Continue reading Found in Cinque Ports Street August 2000