Between the Zeppelin and the Doodle Bug

 By Arthur Woodgate

On 16 October 1917, I was taken to the Lion Street School and settled in a class taught by a Miss Jordon. Miss Longley was the Headmistress and with a long wooden corridor she could be heard coming with loud creaks all over our infant school. Continue reading Between the Zeppelin and the Doodle Bug

Rye Greenway Plan Launched

THE ROTHER Environmental Group (REG) has launched exciting and ambitious new plans for a ‘greenway’ running through Rye which would provide a safe, shared route for pedestrians, cyclists, pushchair users and the less able between key trip attractions.
Continue reading Rye Greenway Plan Launched

Mum’s Dad’s Babies Swim at Rye Pool


On Friday’s at the Rye Swimming Pool there is more than splashing going on, there is singing, gurgling, cooing and yes, you guessed it, some yelling but mostly smiling babies and parents as they support their little ones in the pool under the watchful eye of instructor Ruth Heyes. The parent baby group was formed by Community Nursery Nurse Linda Brown with the help of Simon Richardson who works at the centre. Continue reading Mum’s Dad’s Babies Swim at Rye Pool

Tai Chi Comes to Rye

Stuart Innes first became aware of Tai Chi when he was involved with oil exploration in China in the early 80s.

On his return to London he studied the Chen Man Ch’ing style of Tai Chi with a pupil of Nigel Sutton the world-renowned teacher. He was soon invited to join Nigel’s own association; Zhong-Ding and has studied various Tai Chi subjects; Broad Sword, Push hands, Short Staff, Da Lu, etc., Continue reading Tai Chi Comes to Rye