The Mayor’s Last Bulletin


This last few weeks have been as busy as ever with engagements in and around the Town, Lyn and I have been on the “Chain Train” this was organised by the Mayor of Tenterden and included lunch on the Kent and East Sussex steam train, many Mayors were present and for many, me included, one of the last engagements that will take place this civic year. There was a surprise, one of the chaps on the footplate operating the steam train was my old form Tutor Mr. Atkins!

The other evening I attended the Rye St. John presentation evening, I have been lucky that I have had 3 of these evenings during my 2 years as Mayor. During the evening I presented certificates to the Badgers and Cadets, so the future of Rye is safe with so many talented youngsters in the Town.

During the past 2 years as Mayor, Lyn and I have attended around 300 events mostly in the Town, many of these events are put on by organisations in the Town, most are voluntary and they receive very little recognition for what they do, but if they didn’t exist the Town of Rye would be a poorer place, so too all those of you who help in the Town with groups or organisations, you know who you are, I salute you.

I have been lucky during the past 2 years, I have been Speaker of the Cinque Ports, I have attended the House of Lords to visit the Lord Warden and have attended Dover Castle for the installations of a new Deputy Constable, the interesting thing is that some of these positions go back hundreds of years and it is nice to think that you are a small part of history.

Now I must pass on my thanks to a few people, firstly I must thank Lyn my wife for being Mayoress and putting up with me and attempting to feed me at short notice because I have to be somewhere in a rush. To Sam and Barnaby for being good lads and also putting up with me going out all the time. To Sam Souster for being a good deputy and someone you can trust. To the original Richard and Judy, who run the Town Hall, Richard for telling me how to do it and Judy telling me where to go!!

The members of the council for their time and support and the people of Rye for giving us the opportunity of being Mayor and Mayoress of this Ancient.Major7

The practical Mayor who got things done

Town of Rye. We didn’t have a specific charity this year but we shall be making donations to the following groups; Rye St John, ARCC, Age Concern, Rye Community Transport, Pett Level Rescue Boat, Rye Brownies and The Otaker Klaus Music Trust and The Woodland Trust.

Being Mayor has been a honour and a privilege and is just a tiny part of the history of the town, now I have a house that needs painting, a car that needs cleaning and a bike that needs riding.

Oh well, back to being a full time short tempered bald builder.

Paul & Lyn Osborne

Mayor &Mayoress of Rye until 5 May.

“Rye’s Own” May 2008

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