Five Year Sentences Each for Hastings Street Attack

Two sentenced to five years for Hastings street attack

Two 21-year old men have each been sentenced to five years imprisonment for a vicious late night street attack in Hastings town centre two years ago.

Conor Hodge (pictured left), unemployed, of Priory Road, Hastings, and Jason Easton (pictured right), a student, of Lullington Close, Bexhill, were sentenced at Lewes Crown Court on Thursday 3 March having been convicted of grievous bodily harm, at the same court on 16 January. Continue reading Five Year Sentences Each for Hastings Street Attack

Do You Recognise this Man?

An intruder at Hastings Town Hall stole cash from a safe before leaving

Police are appealing for witnesses following a burglary at Hastings Town Hall.

At around 6.45pm on Monday (4 July) a man broke into the building, got into several rooms and stole some £300 from a safe.


Continue reading Do You Recognise this Man?

‘Then, before then, before that and now’

Four phases of ‘The Memorial’

Ion Castro looks into his archive

Many of us, especially older ones like me, still refer to the town centre as ‘The Memorial’, no, not the Shopping centre but the place, partially pedestrianised, where Havelock Road meets Cambridge Road, Robertson Street, Harold Place, Wellington Place and York Buildings, Queens Road and Station Road, where, in 1863 a memorial to Albert the Good, Queen Victoria’s husband was erected to commemorate the untimely death in 1861 of the Queen’s consort. The Memorial lasted until 1973 and gave its name to the area but what was there before that? Continue reading ‘Then, before then, before that and now’

Bohemia Farm To Summerfields Estate

A History

A Book by Heather Grief, in aid of the Bohemia Walled Garden Association

Tony May wrote about the Bohemia Walled Garden Association in Hastings Town’s April issue. The Association is making good progress and Hastings Borough Council has repaired a hole in the south wall. St. Mary Star of the Sea school children are tending a plot in the walled garden, and enjoy watching the progress of Ray Grief’s sunflower plants – they are a lot taller than the ones at home because the soil is very fertile through long years of cultivation. Continue reading Bohemia Farm To Summerfields Estate

Dinosaur At Hastings

By Jim Hollands

As a small lad of six I remember exploring Fairlight Cove with my younger brother Robert. We made an amazing discovery, massive footprints in the rock. We raced back to our family picnic spot and dragged dad to his feet. “Come quick” I said “We have found a giant’s footprints!” Continue reading Dinosaur At Hastings