1832 Reform Map of Rye to be Auctioned Locally


The map of Rye above is but the central section of of a steel engraving from Samuel Lewis’ Topographical Dictionary reflecting the boundary changes introduced on the enactment of the Reform Bill of June 7th. 1832.

The engraving by J. & C. Walker has original hand coloured boundaries and shows the new boundaries both of the town and its holdings and will cause great interest when it comes up for sale at Rye Auction Galleries in the near future. It is a very clean copy and is framed and glazed in a tasteful modern frame.

Reform Map Rye
Reform Map Rye

The local Galleries have been getting very good prices for Rye pictures,
maps, postcards, ephemera, pottery and other items from Rye’s past
in recent years. Even postwar artifacts have attained good prices.

Prewar Rye Pottery is very sought after and prices up to £750 have been realised for single pieces of hop ware. The Rye Pottery Society, with members from all over Britain, have brought more popularity to all ceramics, even very recent items, produced in Rye. Unusual Wally Cole, David Sharp, Raymond Everett and Dennis Townsend examples are searched out and proudly displayed and discussed at the Society meetings.

The work of Rye potters goes on and a new breed, including Ben Sharp and Roy Fritchley are producing their own distinctive styles of pottery which will, no doubt, soon be coming onto the ceramic shelves at the Rye Auction House.

“Rye’s Own ” May 2004

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