A New Beginning

Campaign for a Democratic Rye Group

A new beginning

by Chairman, Cllr Granville Bantick

The Campaign for a Democratic Rye Group held its inaugural meeting
on the 22nd February attended by forty people including the Steering
Group. The historian and author, Mr Peter Ewart, who himself and his
forbears came from Rye, preceded by giving a very entertaining and
illuminating talk entitled “Rebellious Rye, Corruption, Protest and
Reform in the Nineteenth Century”. It may be thought by just coincidence
that the title might apply to Rye today, with perhaps the exception
of corruption! Continue reading A New Beginning

The Most Important Meeting In Rye For Fifty Years

What is almost certainly the most important meeting to take place in Rye for fifty years is set to go ahead at the Thomas Peacocke College at 8pm on Thursday 16 August.

Every person living in Rye is invited, along with Councillors and District Councillors from Rye, Battle, Bexhill and the villages plus members of the Bexhill Forum to hear Eastleigh’s Council Leader Councillor Keith House outline the great benefits that Rye, Battle and Bexhill could derive from splitting Rother District Council into three parts, run by their own elected District Councillors with the direct assistance of their local Town and Village Councils. Continue reading The Most Important Meeting In Rye For Fifty Years