Hastings & The Great War

By Tony May

With 2014 being the 100th anniversary of the beginning of The First World War and having recently watched the ‘The Great War’ boxed-set on DVD, I felt compelled to write something about civilized mans lowest moment in history. Continue reading Hastings & The Great War

Remembering Woolies


The recent news that long-established Electrical Retailers, ‘Comet’ are to go into administration has had quite an effect on me. Always one to spend a fair amount of my time thinking of the past anyway, to see again the same tragic circumstances occurring, which, five years ago (yes, it has been that long already!) led to the closure of the beloved ‘Woolworths’ chain has made me very sad indeed. Continue reading Remembering Woolies

Pier Disaster

By Ron Fellows

Eugenius Birch designed the 138-year-old Hastings Pier, badly burnt on Monday night, 4th October 2010. The Earl of Granville opened it on the Bank Holiday, 5th.August 1872 and hailed it as the “peerless pier a pier without a pier.” The Pier suffered another fire in 1917, which burnt down a spectacular Pavilion. Continue reading Pier Disaster

Like the Death of an Old Friend

There have been moments in my long life when I have despaired of the human race. The morning of Tuesday 6 October, at the time of hearing the news that Hastings Pier was destroyed and burning, was one of them. Arson was suspected. I thought back to the hundreds of Saturday nights I spent at dances on the Pier with my friends, back in the 1950’s and 60’s, and remembered the great fun we had in that amazing domed ballroom. It was like the death of an old friend. Why should anyone want to kill the Pier? She was old and frail and thanks to years of neglect, in dire need of restoration. Continue reading Like the Death of an Old Friend

The Thank Shark Attack

By Jimper

Being a long-shore fisherman, my interest lies with the beach and everything in or on it. My fascination in marine life has been with me all my life, so it was a natural progression that I wanted a sea water aquarium. I knew a friend who said that he was good at welding and in his spare time of driving the red speedboat from Hastings Pier, would weld a frame up for me, so I started to look around for some angle iron. Continue reading The Thank Shark Attack