Hastings & The Great War

By Tony May

With 2014 being the 100th anniversary of the beginning of The First World War and having recently watched the ‘The Great War’ boxed-set on DVD, I felt compelled to write something about civilized mans lowest moment in history. Continue reading Hastings & The Great War

German U-Boat on Hastings Beach

“There’s a U-Boat on the Beach”

Helen Davies looked out of her window at The Queens” on Hastings Seafront and saw a submarine washed up on the beach. It was the morning of 15 April 1919.

The Great War had been over for five months and the people of Hastings were beginning to come to terms with their losses and starting out on a new peacetime life. Helen looked down from her high vantage point at the terrible instument of war and her thoughts turned back over the two short years since her Tom had been lost at sea, his ship being a U-Boat victim. Was it possible that this same submarine being battered by the high tide, could have been the very one that killed her man? How had the U-118, for that was the number of the craft, arrived at Hastings?. Continue reading German U-Boat on Hastings Beach