Pier Set for Opening

Hastings Pier will be opening shortly.

A bulletin on the Hastings Pier Charity official Pier Website announces an intended opening date.

The full statement reads


The final works of the £14.2m refurbishment of Hastings Pier are to complete over the coming weeks and we intend that the pier will be open to the public no later than the middle of April. Over the past two and half years of rebuilding work, the pier – and the weather – have rewritten our timetable more than once but the last planking should be in place by end of February leaving most of the remaining work inside the two buildings and therefore not impacted by weather. Once construction concludes we then have to fit out the spaces to make the Pier fully operational, including all of our heritage interpretation elements. Our goal is to have the Pier fully operational by mid April and if it is possible to enable public access prior to that date then we will want to make that happen.