Rye Man’s Accident on Zebra

Rye Man in Cinque Ports Street Accident

We were very sorry to hear of an accident involving one of Rye’s Own’s most prolific supporters, yesterday Monday 25 January.

John Tolhurst
John Tolhurst

John Tolhurst was in collision with a car as he crossed over the zebra crossing between the Old Rye Post Office and Bargain Box. Police and Paramedics attended but though John was badly shaken he was soon back on the internet with the following:-

“Just like to say thank you to all, police, paramedic and public, who came to my aid yesterday,after being hit by a car on the zebra crossing in cinque ports street yesterday.feeling sore this morning, but hopefully no lasting damage, thank you also to Bargain box, for the get well card this morning, certainly cheered me up”.

Many of his friends have already been on facebook wishing him well. We add “Rye’s Own” wishes to that sentiment.

Rye’s Own Bulletin  26 January 2016