Rye’s First Photographer

Edwin Thomas Gasson of Rye

1827 – 1904

Carpenter, photographer, taxidermist and museum proprietor.

By John C. Pulford

In a family letter written in 1956 by my great, great uncle living in Watchbell street, Edwin Thomas Gasson was remembered as “rather a clever old chap, he used to stuff birds and was a photographer and also did some artistic work in broken china”. Continue reading Rye’s First Photographer

Watchbell Street c 1875

This photograph of Watchbell street was taken by Edwin Thomas Gasson of 21, King Street (Landgate); his most active period as a photographer seems to have been 1870 – 1881 but earlier photographs are known. I would date this photograph as, early to mid 1870’s. Continue reading Watchbell Street c 1875