Dear Editor

As the one who wrote about Joe Hatter, I feel I must reply to Mrs Levett Fuller’s letter in the April edition of Rye’s Own.

The man at the bottom of Spring Steps was another Mr Hatter, Grandfather to John Hatter, the owner of the taxi firm of Rye Motors, and there was another Mr Hatter who lived on The Strand and also caught and sold shrimps, (all types of cousins even distant).

Mr Rhodes (Jokey) did all sorts of things beside getting us shrimps. Another shrimper named Hilder, also lived in Tower Street. No doubt Mrs Fuller will remember seeing two front doors wedged partly open by chairs on which was a basket of shrimps, a pint tumbler, a few paper bags and a tin in which we could put our sixpence when we collected our pint of shrimps. The Shrimpers on The Strand would peddle their catches round town. Every wet fish shop had shrimps on their slabs. Now I cannot get a shrimp anywhere.

Arthur Woodgate                                                                         Peasmarsh

Jimper, please come to the rescue and get Arthur a pint of the shrimps he craves. He’s been hinting long enough. Editor.

Dear Editor

Born and bred in Rye, I have always been interested in articles in Rye’s Own, especially when they refer to people I have known. I was particularly interested to see the picture of Jim Foster and his wife on their tandem in last November’s issue. I remember Mr. Foster cycling up to Bedford in the autumn of 1944 to visit his son Clifford, who, like me, was an evacuee there.Jim Foster

I am really writing on quite a different matter. Here in Petworth we have recently revived the office of Town Crier and we think he ought to have an appropriate costume. So far we have only been able to find firms who will hire one out, but if possible, we want to buy Letters to: The Editor “Rye’s Own” 14 Rope Walk Mews, Rye, East Sussex, TN31 7NA one. I was prompted to write to you having seen the cover for Rye’s Own September 2007.

Can you help?

Keith C. Thompson                                                               Petworth.

We get all kinds of requests here at “Rye’s Own” but this really is unusual. I do believe the Rye Town Crier’s ‘outfit’ is owned by the Town Council and has been around for many years. I will pass a copy of your letter on to the Town Clerk and the Town Crier. I am sure one of these eminent gentlemen will be able to help you. Editor.

Dear Editor,

Your readers may like to see the reply I got from the Post Office customer service centre when I complained about the last closure episode on 31 March.

Dear Councillor Bantick,

I apologise that the Post Office branch did not conform to their advertised opening hours. I can understand how annoying it must have been to find that the branch was closed.

Providing a service to Post Office customers is very important to us and we take such matters very seriously. I have raised this issue with the office Area Manager to ensure that your concerns are addressed with the Rye Post Office branch. The service provided by this branch will be monitored to ensure that no further incidents of this nature take place.

Robb Hughes           Customer Service Centre                                  Barnsley

. I have now written a stronger letter telling of this much more serious breach of advertised opening hours and demanded they reinstate the Tilling Green Post Office.

Granville Bantick                                                                  Udimore Road

Dear Editor

Thank goodness that our Town Council is at last beginning to fight back against what can only be described as an oppressive Rother ruling body. Calling for the return of our allotments, taking greater interest in the goings on at Rye Partnership, losing their patience with Rye Town Services and demanding control of our own affairs again.

I remember Rye Borough Council and some of the councillors we had then. We need strong leadership again. Men like Stan Bourne, Alf Horner, Phil Ellis, John Hacking and Geof Scotcher would have stood out against Rother’s bullying methods.

Mabel                                                                                          Tilling Green

“Rye’s Own” May 2008

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