Bonfire in Rye

By Jimper

Rye is famous for its bonfires on November 5th and our family have always been involved in the society. The faggots for the huge fire had to be got from the field where they had been used for the jumps at the local point-to-point and taken to the fire site on the salts at Rye, this was a job us young lads loved to do and dads lorry was kept busy Then the older boys and men would arrange them into a wonderful shape as a fire.

Rye Fawkes 1967, Hugh Manning
Rye Fawkes 1967, Hugh Manning
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@[email protected] Joe Brown

The fire in Rye is always lit by a well-known celebrity from films or TV, music etc. The guest is paraded through the town in a sedan chair on the shoulders of the fire brigade, to a procession of flaming torches onto the town’s salts to light the fire. Continue reading Bonfire in Rye