Balloon and Rock

By Jimper

Tuesday in Rye was a lovely night. A new moon had appeared to announce a new lunar month on earth.  We will mention no names to protect the innocent.  Let’s just say a certain eating house in town entertained an Elvis Presley lookalike and the place was packed with well known faces.  I was kicked out of my usual coffee house and eleven o clock and as I made my way to my car, the din from the restaurant drew my attention.  I was spotted by a certain merrymaker and Continue reading Balloon and Rock

Use that Camera

Use That Camera

Photography, along with angling, is rated as one of the two most popular hobbies in the world. With this in mind, Rye’s Own presents this article on the popular pastime.

Easter is a good time to start recording the events of the year, although a real enthusiast may use his camera all the year round. The town of Rye offers an unlimited range of photographic subjects from the more popular ones such as the Church, the Landgate and the Ypres Tower, to the less obvious but equally interesting shots that can be taken on many walks in the surrounding country-side. Continue reading Use that Camera