A Room with a View

Memories of life in a Rye draper’s shop in the early 1920s

By J C Pulford

The stairs that led up to Florence Sparrow’s bedroom above a Rye draper’s shop also led to the roof. Here, ‘off-duty’ hours were often spent reading, sunbathing Continue reading A Room with a View

Street Names of Rye

By Kenneth Clark

Reprinted from a 1967 Issue of Rye’s Own

“In 1859”, wrote H. P. Clarke in his “Guide and History of Rye”, printed in 1861, “the houses were numbered and the names of the street were foolishly altered; as events in history often give names to streets. Continue reading Street Names of Rye

The Printing Reformer

“A Summary History of Rye”
The Printing Reformer

by Rya

Part XVII — Henry Pocock Clark

In 1861 H. P. Clark’s printing office in the High Street issued “Clark’s Guide and History of Rye,” a small volume of great interest to the local historian for much that is recorded therein is not to be found elsewhere. Written in a witty and amusing style, often interspersed with verse, the author revealed probably far Continue reading The Printing Reformer