When Cinque Ports Street was Two-Way

Broken Down Lorry Causes Traffic Chaos

A broken down lorry, when Cinque Ports Street was 2-way, causes havoc in Rye one Saturday morning. This film was made around 1963

A 1963  Rye’s Own Archive Film released Monday 6 June 2016

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Sea Cadets Canoe Race at Rye 1968



A Remarkable Piece of Monochrome Film

We have just dug this old piece of film out of the “Rye’s Own” Archive – Can’t find the photographs that went with it. One picture was use on the cover of a 1968 Rye’s Own. Continue reading Sea Cadets Canoe Race at Rye 1968

The Rye’s Own Film Archive

“Rye’s Own Film Archive”

Hundreds of films, many from 50 and more years ago, have been collected in our film archive and at long last modern technology has allowed us to convert them to a form that can be edited and uploaded onto our web site for any one in the world to enjoy. Continue reading The Rye’s Own Film Archive