Over the Sluice

By Arthur Woodgate

Some while ago, Jimper Sutton threw out a challenge as to whether anyone remembers his grandmother. As a fellow ‘sluicer’, of a certain period, of course I remember her and his father and Uncle Spencer, I once caught a glimpse of his grandfather but I will come back to the Sutton Family in due course. Jimperr’s challenge got me thinking of “Over the Sluice”. Continue reading Over the Sluice

Rye Allotments

By Arthur Woodgate

Mary Smith says she is a relative newcomer to Rye, that I am certainly not and I do know where lots of allotments have disappeared from during the Twentieth Century.

Continue reading Rye Allotments

Rye Country Fair

What a great country day out it was at the Rye Country Fair on 20 August at Salts Farm, East Guldeford. The show was a hive of activity from the first Junior Novice riding event through to the Parade of the Foxhounds and Bloodhounds at 4.30. Continue reading Rye Country Fair