Nazi Invasion Between Hastings and Hythe

After the evacuation of Dunkirk, there was a period of intense activity to prepare defences against an immanently expected invasion of South East England. The Germans were massed on the French coast after their lightening victories in France and the Low Countries. Now Britain was firmly in their sights. It would only be a matter of time before they turned their attention to invading the land they could see just 22 miles away over the English Channel. Continue reading Nazi Invasion Between Hastings and Hythe

Over the Sluice

By Arthur Woodgate

Some while ago, Jimper Sutton threw out a challenge as to whether anyone remembers his grandmother. As a fellow ‘sluicer’, of a certain period, of course I remember her and his father and Uncle Spencer, I once caught a glimpse of his grandfather but I will come back to the Sutton Family in due course. Jimperr’s challenge got me thinking of “Over the Sluice”. Continue reading Over the Sluice

Building Development Will Cause Flooding

By Cliff Bloomfield

I read with interest the article regarding a proposed housing development on the north side of Udimore Road in the April Issue. I think the points raised miss the main problems with such a scheme, that is the effect on the Tillingham Green Estate. In 1966 at that time I was serving the then Borough of Rye as the assistant surveyor, road flooding within the estate was becoming a problem during the winter months, it was caused when periods of heavy rain coincided with high tides, the Tillingham Sluice at Strand Quay would close thereby holding back an already swollen river level, flooding occurring initially within the estate road Continue reading Building Development Will Cause Flooding