Save Tilling Green Community Centre

Another Irreplaceable Rye Community Facility about to be Demolished

The following film “The Future of Tilling Green”, was made a few years ago when the Primary School on Mason Road was closed, the electrics and gas stripped out so it could not be used, and the building was boarded up waiting for an excuse for demolition.

This was the same underhand method that was used with the Ferry Road Primary School. It was abandoned and one building suffered an arson attack. This was used as an excuse to demolish the other buildings. ESCC failed miserably to find a buyer and the community was robbed of a fine site for a library and sports facilities.

This film resulted in East Sussex being forced to reinstate the electrics and make the building and grounds available as a Community Centre.

The building is currently used to capacity with all kinds of activities, inside and out.

Now East Sussex plan to sell it off and get the builders to knock down a completely sound building  replace the existing Community Centre with a pitiful facility with no outside ground, completely inadequate for the number of people who live on Tilling Green. The area will be completely filled with dwellings. It is another case of East Sussex selling off a valuable community asset that can never be replaced.

Please watch the film right through, it is as relevant today as it was when it was made. Rye Town Council should be screaming about what is going on in Rye.

A Film from the “Rye’s Own” Archive

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